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What to Expect at the September 14 Apple Event

Apple is holding its annual iPhone-centric event on Tuesday, September 14. Like last year and like most years before it, the company will be revealing what's next for their latest device line: iPhones! We've been hearing rumors about what to expect since March when they were first reported by anonymous sources close to Apple with knowledge of upcoming products . And we can't wait any longer because these new AirPods 3 are coming soon.

With so many products due in September, it's hard to keep track of everything that will be shown. There are new iPhones and Apple Watches along with AirPods 3 rumors; but if we're lucky enough they could announce the M1X MacBook Pro or even iPads!

iPhone 13

iPhone fans will be excited to know that Apple plans on releasing four iPhones in 2021, including two 5.4-inch models and one 6 1/2 inch model with a whopping 10GB of RAM! The company did not release much information about what else we can expect from them but I have my bets set on an OLED screen for every device as well as more colors than before like reds blue greens black etc.

The iPhone 13 models will be almost identical to the newest 12-variant. There is a chance we might see some slight design changes, but nothing too drastic or remarkable in my opinion! The only thing worth mentioning about these supposed updates would be slightly thicker size (though not by much) and new colors - such as darker graphite gray shades alongside bronze and pink color options.

The best features for a photographer are coming to your phone. The iPhone 13 Pro will have better cameras, thicker camera bezels and protruding lenses that allow photographers more control over their photo quality while still taking great photos!

The side button on this device is Mute (useful in loud environments), volume buttons are now lower than before - so you never miss out an important call or message because they're too high up off screen; And if there's something really exciting happening right outside of view then just tap twice with two fingers at once instead of trying scoop them into the frame.

The iPhone 13 Pro models are rumored to get a 120Hz "ProMotion" display, which will allow them to match up with the iPad. This new tech also has low power LTPO backplane capability and may facilitate an always on screen like what we have now in the Apple Watch.

The new iPhone is expected to come with a 5 nanometer A15 chip and as always, it's expected to bring faster performance and efficiency improvements that will boost battery life. There are also reports of an X60 modem for better 5G connectivity speeds along with super fast mmWave connections in more countries which could be supported by the WiFi 6E specification on these upcoming phones!

Apple is rumored to be using bigger batteries in all the new iPhone 13 models, which might bring longer battery life. The always-on display and 120Hz refresh rate could eat up some of that on Pro models--we've heard a rumor that wired charging might also work faster with support for up 25W wirelessly receiving power from other electronics rather than just plugging into your wall outlet like before when you needed higher wattage devices or an extra cable!

Camera technology is improving each year, and it appears that all of the new iPhones will be getting updated features. Some of biggest improvements are expected to come from this year's iPhone Pro series which should have better telephoto lenses as well compared to last years models.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Max are expected to get sensors with larger pixels, which will improve photos in low light conditions. On these models the Wide camera features autofocus that has been improved for better performance at night time. The new aperture size of 1-8 is also optimized so pictures taken during dark or dim lit scenes come out looking much more detailed than before without any detail lost due just being too dark! Finally there's sensor shift stabilization available on both lineups as well--which helps keep things steady when taking pics outside where you might have some shaky hands like me :)

The new cinematic video mode will work like Portrait mode but for videos, and Apple is adding ProRes support to the pro models. The built-in camera filters will be improved so they can apply more precisely rather than being overlaid on entire photos plus Night Mode could get better colors and features that recognize night skies in future updates!

Apple Watch Series 7

No new health features are expected for the Apple Watch this year, but it is getting its first redesign since 2018. The Series 7 models will improve upon what was already one of 2019’s most stylish smartwatches with flat edges in line with other products from Cupertino like phones and computers—a major change that makes them much easier to use than their predecessors who featured curved corners à la Cartier bracelets or even fashion brands such as Gucci's signatures!

The Apple Watch Series 7 will come in new 41mm and 45mm size options, up from 40mm! With thinner bezels combined with this lamination technique that brings the display closer to your wrist you can take advantage of significantly larger displays for more information at one time.

The next generation of Apple Watch may come with an exciting new color option! We could see green as the chosen shade, replacing blue or even silver.

Apple is set to release an updated S7 chip in their Series 7, which should allow them more space for other components like a bigger battery. New wireless connectivity and improved versions of the current U1 Ultra Wideband chips are expected as well

A new watch face called "Modular Max" will be exclusive-designed by Apple along with 8 others that include modules such as world time or Continuum mode faces; these come alongside 3 standard designs including one dedicated specifically towards outdoor activities (time spent hiking).

While it appears that Apple is having difficulty ramping up production for the Series 7, they are expected to introduce a new model at this event. It's possible we may have to wait just a bit longer before its release date rolls around and initial quantities will be limited as well. A delay in releasing products isn't unusual.

AirPods 3

Apple's most affordable earbuds are getting an update, and it could come at the September event. However we're not as certain about this than with previous releases from Apple such as iPhone or WatchOS updates - They will likely be announced though! The AirPods 3 is set to receive a redesign that has been inspired by its more expensive counterpart; you can expect them have similar features but also take up less space thanks to some nifty design changes.

We're expecting an AirPods Pro design with shorter stems, and there are mixed rumors on whether or not the new Apple Earpods will have silicone tips. It looks like they'll be a tipless hybrid of current model and their more expensive sibling; just in time for Prime day!

It's possible that the new internal hardware with an updated wireless chip will allow for extended range and battery life improvements. It is also likely we could see Noise Cancellation features like those found in AirPods Pro.

New Software Updates

If the iPhone models are announced on the 14th and set to launch this coming Friday, we could see iOS 15 released just a few days ahead of time.

On September 17th, Apple may release macOS Monterey and other software updates. This is a bit earlier than last year when they were released on October 31st with iOS 15 at the end of August (and its sister apps like watchOS 4).

What we may see

Apple is working on an updated version of the MacBook Pro that will come in 14 and 16-inch size options, sporting thinner bezels with a larger display. This redesign marks not only its return but also brings back MagSafe connectivity over USB-C for those who still need it! In addition they have brought back HDMI as well which was removed from last year's model; SD card slot continues to remain too--all while doing away with Touch Bar entirely in favor or function keys + row and so many other features we're used seeing before.

The new version of the low-cost iPad is in development and it's expected to launch soon. It will continue to have a Home button, but gets updated 10.5 inch display that could be thinner than prior models with an A series chip that performs faster as well!

Apple is expected to revamp the iPad mini 6 with an all-display design, cutting out what many users refer to as a "home" button. And if it has Touch ID like their other products then this will also be powered by your fingerprint for security purposes!

It's news from around Apple Park: The latest update could see them move away from physical buttons on tablets and rely more heavily upon touch screens instead - that would make sense given we're already accustomed through use of fingertips when handling our own devices anyway.

Apple’s event starts on Tuesday September 14th at 10am PT and will be live streamed through Apple’s website and on YouTube.

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