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The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The Samsung foldable is a familiar face. The Fold has been around a while now and as we know during it's release it did not get favorable reviews. The Samsung's first foldable was a major fail. I cannot fault them entirely, it may just have been too soon, but there was so many flaws back then it was hard to call it a reasonable phone to carry for the whopping price tag of two thousand dollars US. The Fold has came a long way however and we are here to review the latest version. The Z Fold 3.

The first thing you notice about the Fold 3 this time around is that it is thinner and lighter than the previous versions. It is not a significant difference but you can tell if you put the two together in a comparisons test. The Fold also just feels more robust. It doesn't feel anything like the previous versions with the clunky hinge mechanism or screen protector like plastic. The fold has a truly tough feel. The hinge on the device is sturdy and it clicks open and closed with a genuine feel. I would say the folds crease at this time isn't much different. This could be just part of the foldable technology. It's hard to say because there hasn't been too many manufacturers to ascertain this market as of yet. Huawei has joined in to make a foldable phone however they are still on the first version of this device and I don't expect any reason to believe they are on par with the tech in the Fold.

The Fold 3 has a dual battery as the previous versions of the device did. It also features a 120hz display that feels snappy and responsive. The odd part about the fold to me is the camera setup. You have a selfie camera when it is unfolded, however in most cases you could also use the much better 3 camera array to take selfies without a problem. The selfie camera also is a terrible 4 mega pixel camera. They had to reduce the quality in order to create a new feature. When the phone is unfolded the camera has a pixelated over screen that will make the small hole for the camera appear as if it doesn't exist. This would be great technology if it didn't look like something you would see in a 8 bit graphics video game. It is super pixelated leaving a noticeable look to that particular area of the screen. I don't think over prolonged use you would notice it unless you were specifically looking for it but it is something to note about the technology.

There are two batteries in this phone. The problem is even with seemingly double the size of power, if the phone is opened into tablet mode all day will not last you all day. This battery life is not up to par with what you would expect as far as a tablet battery. I would say 5-6 hours max in tablet mode but if you are just checking in on text or emails during the day it will most likely suit your needs.

The phone overall has a great feel and if your in the market to spend 1800$ on a smartphone for some cool technology that no-one else may have I'd say ya go for it. However I personally think the price tag will keep most people away for now. This technology will continue to improve over the years and we will soon be able to have mega displays in our pockets for half the cost.

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