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Breaking News: Apple Might be Releasing a Folding Device Soon

Apple has been on the cutting edge of technology for decades, and it looks like they are about to release a new device that will change the game. After months of rumors and speculation, Apple announced that they might be releasing a foldable device very soon. This is an exciting prospect for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on tech trends.

No one has yet seen what the new device will look like, but rumors claim that it might be screen with two halves that fold inwards. This would make it much more portable than any other phone on the market today.

The new phone is rumored to combine the best features of an iPad and a smartphone when it comes to functionality. Foldable smart phones are still relatively uncommon, so this is really exciting news for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Apple already has the best table on the market. It makes you think that all they have to do it this point is take a iPad, make it fold in half, add a outside screen that would be similar to a iPhone 12 and we got a foldable. But apple doesn’t work this way. They are always trying to think outside the box and add on some new features. Traditionally Apple is late to the game in the new tech innovation market however, they usually find a way to make there product more stylish, sleek, and even more intuitive than anything else out there. Apple will take there time to make this happen, which keeps their fan base and users confident that when Apple does pull the plug on this, it will work, and it will be beautiful at the same time.

Apple doesn’t play the same game that Samsung plays. Samsung definitely showed off a new and cool device when the Fold first came out, however it came with a ton of flaws, bugs and overall errors in the build process that reared its ugly head very quickly. Most people experienced the screen peeling off along with clunky and noisy hinges and terrible durability. The crease in the screen was terrible and obvious, the device was not responsive, and it just didn’t perform well at all.

Samsung made a huge comeback with this after 3 generations and now the Fold is performing to ok standards. They have fixed a ton of issues that the first generation Fold had, and now they are finally seeing there true innovation of what this device was expected to perform like come to light. The display is better, the hinges better, the dust protection well, better. The only improvements at this point would be if they could somehow remove the ugly crease in the screen and improve on the functionality for some of its cameras. The selfie camera for example is weak and not fun to take pictures with.

To the original point. Apple doesn’t play this game. They will make sure their device is fully functional and tested thoroughly. They will make sure there is no issues with the hinges and there are no issues with the display. If they cannot get this product to look the way they want it to it will get delayed or scrapped. Tim Cook does follow this motto that was brought to us by no other than the late and great Steve Jobs. Steve was a perfectionist and while he is no longer around, the feeling of making sure that everything “just works” still exists.

So what may we see. Well according to Apples very own patents on their foldable technology we may see something more familiar to the Samsung Flip. In which case the phone looks more like a Motorola Razor than a Samsung Galaxy Fold 3. However I believe Apple has much more in the works than we know. Many times Apple will file patents and they never come to life. This might make you say what makes you so sure Apple will even release a foldable. This is rather simple. Apple will not let Samsung dominate this market. If Apple see’s there is a genuine need or want for technology they tend to get their hands in the game. They won’t this one slide. I believe that Apple will make a foldable very similar aesthetically to the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3, however with a twist of Apple in the mix and a lot more ecosystem.

Apple’s ecosystem is what keeps people tied to Apple. They know this and I believe in the new foldable they will be able to incorporate even more ecosystem into this device. With a tablet like screen and Apple, don’t forget makes their own chips now. We could seem some very interesting things happening. Apple could make this foldable for example completely capable of everything the iPad is capable of doing. Why not? We already know that the iPad is twice as powerful as any tablet on the market. The software can’t even keep up with the hardware on this device. So what could Apple have in store? Time will tell but I would venture to say be excited because when Apple does it. It just works.

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